High Performance in Piloting Projects

Culture, Organization, Technics, Tools

PMbox accelerates a change of culture, the acquisition of skills, organizational adaptation, and the deployment of methods and tools necessary to lead your projects… by transferring targeted, practical experience to Executives, Project Managers and Associates.

Who are we?

The heart of your company beats at the pace of its projects.


Your company builds its future through a series of projects. It meets the challenges of profitability, development, change, and sustainability. Your company renews itself through its expertise, market position, and the desire workers have to be a part of it. Project success, often in a disruptive context, is decisive for its future...
Accelerate control over your projects!

PMbox is led by Marc Destors. With nearly 30 years of experience in project and change management. Very active in the business environment, Marc Destors has published "Le chef de Projet Paresseux… mais gagnant !” at Editions Dunod.

Scope of intervention

Le chef de projet paresseux... mais gagnant

The interaction is aimed at a genuine transfer of expertise between you, your associates, and the PMbox contributor. Our consultants bring you real-life experiences accumulated from myriad organizations and projects. They are dynamic mentors who adapt to your reality. They offer you best practices built on international standards.

Examples of contributions

Most of the time, we are bound by confidentiality agreements that forbid us from mentioning our clients.

Consulting and assistance

Assisting with the gradual transformation of your company for project management.

Develop people, culture, values, mindset:

Develop people, culture, values, mind set

Optimize the organization, responsibilities, operation:

Optimize the organization, responsibilities, operation

Acting on methods, standards, models, and tools:

Acting on methods, standards, models, and tools


We lead training—in both French and English—for the desired change, adapted to the particular context and methods...

We emphasize the individual, team spirit, a culture of commitment and results.

We establish what is at stake before the objectives, that is, the what before the how, strategy before tactics, thought before action.

We stress management, negotiation, anticipation, risk control, and communication.

Post-training service:

Each participant in an inter- or intra-company session can have measured exchanges with the instructor for six months following the session, thus benefiting from the best possible advice in order to apply the teachings of the seminar.


In France, PMbox is a training organization registered under number 11 91 07129 91. This registration is not a State accreditation. Article L.6352-12 of the Labor Law

Project Mapping

Project Mapping

Highly adapted to the large number of situations which a project leader encounters, the Project Mapping makes you more creative when looking for ideas and facilitates a structured thought process. It allows for easy navigation from overview to detailed view.

The visual illustration maps are based on the natural functioning of the human brain to allow you to reflect, understand, communicate, and learn. You go faster.

This is a personal and group tool which focuses the thought process and discussion, and encourages participation.

Some Mind Mapping software applications featuring basic project management functions simplify the implementation of action plans or project management.

Project success is achieved at the beginning!

At the beginning of a project, a good project leader knows that he/she does not know...

Project success is achieved at the beginning

Bearing that in mind (!), the benefit of asking the right questions, listing what is known and what can be built upon, ensuring that the stakes and objectives are shared with the client, interacting with experienced persons, gathering opinions from the stakeholders, consulting more extensively with one's team members and their manager, seeking out feedback from experience, conducting an in-depth risk/opportunity analysis, listing problems, anticipating and analyzing several implementation scenarios, reflecting on different project structures, etc., prior to the formal launch of the project with the team is still underestimated.

A meaningful kickoff:

A meaningful kickoff

The kickoff is the culmination of this thought process by each of the team members with the project leader on his/her commitments and contributions to the project, and preparation of the work plan for the entire team.



Assisting project leaders in the discovery and acquisition of good practices (expertise) and good attitudes (life skills) to make them feel confident and improve their project leadership on a day-to-day basis.

Action with project leaders has positive effects on the other stakeholders, such as team members or managers (hierarchy)... or on governance bodies (steering committee, etc.) or on operation or standards (methods, etc.).

Process flow:

Mentoring - Process flow

In response to the project leader's expectations, the objectives of the action, and the plan, and depending on the project's status and its deadlines, the contributions are:

A concrete transfer of experience for a respected and acknowledged project leader.


MOST MOST - Communication

The MOST approach (Mission, Objective, Strategy, Tactic) facilitates structuring, negotiated delegation and control by those responsible for:

  • Projects and action plans,
  • Organizations
  • Change.

A means of sharing the vision, stakes, meaning, need, and purpose between the requester and implementer. An approach that develops a culture of responsible players.

A guiding analysis principle that goes from the general to the specific (top down). Ask the question "why?" before pondering for "what?" ». A method for validating a step-by-step action plan.

A way of assigning responsibilities in both the company and the project. An approach oriented toward negotiated delegation, mutual commitment, and obtaining concrete results. A new and natural relationship between the players.

A construction which distinguishes and combines the tactical part of the project, the how of the strategic part, the ambition and vision shared with management.

A high-end control, management, and decision-making tool using a structured reporting mode (bottom up) that assigns responsibilities.

A communication vector. A means of mobilizing and developing synergy.


To contact us about your projects:
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Le chef de projet paresseux... mais gagnant

Marc Destors and Jean Le Bissonnais, who have long been known for their active and multi-faceted contribution to project leadership in business, successfully take on the role of teaching with fun. They offer all project leaders the ability to lead their projects to success with greater peace and tranquility by adopting the lazy—but not good-for-nothing—style! – those who devote the necessary time to prepare, organize, communicate, and anticipate their actions in order to optimize their efforts and get it right the first time!
This book is available at Dunod.com. - 2nd edition 2003 - 368 pages - EAN13: 9782100071999